I had many ideas floating around in my head when I received the Sassy Sauce Neons. So I had to find a way to get as many of the collection on at one time!

Watermarbling had to be done in order to achieve this goal, I started with a glow in the dark white creme base. I needed to see if the glow in the dark would glow from under the neons, lucky for me it did!

I have pictures in 3 different lights in order to show the versatility of these polishes. Here is everything I used:

  • Different Dimensions – Everybody’s Hands go up
  • Sassy Sauce – Neon Collection (7 Polishes)
  • Enchanted Polish – Rainbow Juice with pulp

First up, Normal lighting what you see through out the day.


Next, I had to try Blacklight. These are neons and black light is mandatory.


Finally, I had to charge the glow in the dark under a UV/LED lamp for 1 min. These pictures were taken with my iPhone in the dark.


I had a lot of fun with this group if polishes!


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