B Polished – Polish Pickup May 2018


I am truly excited to bring to you the B Polished Polish Pickup contributions for the May 4th window. If you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pick up (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them by the group and they create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 30+ indie makers participate and create polish and non-polish products.

B Polished is a PPU veteran who month over month delivers great products and this month is no different, the theme for May will be “The 90’s”. Francine has drawn inspiration from two very different sources!

First, I have her polish contribution, inspired by Nancy from The Craft, called “Punk Rock! Let’s Go.” The Craft was one of those movies I loved at the time, while I did attend Public HS, I was almost always in a plaid skirt with white blouse and black velvet choker!

Price & Cap: TBD


Punk Rock! Let’s Go, is a vampy 90’s brown-red jelly with color shifting flakes, shimmer, and a sprinkling of holo.

This beauty goes on in 2 easy coats, the formula glides on smooth and self levels.

Shown: 2 coats of Punk Rock! Let’s Go. and 1 coat quick dry topcoat

I received a sample size of Francine’s Make it Dry drops and I must say they are amazing. I have never used quick dry drops, I applied 2 drops to my thumb and it was dry in about 5 mins, like completely! Plus, Francine has to have some confectionary in her lab because these drops smell amazing, there is no name on the bottle, but I am getting some lemon verbena notes, it smells divine!


Next, I have quite the departure of inspiration for a cupcake squishy, enter the rainbow cutesy world of Lisa Frank! At one time or another, we all had a rainbow colored polar bear or hibiscus tree climbing koala and can we say Unicorns!

Price & Cap: TBD

DSC06563They will have hints of neon glitter in the strawberry vanilla scented “frosting” and multi-chrome “liners” surrounding the chocolate scented cupcake.  These cupcakes are so deliciously scented you will want to take a bite, but don’t because they’re not edible and they do come with a warning label.

Caution: Do not sit these around if you have not eaten, you may be tempted to make cupcakes!

Polish Pick-up window runs from the first Friday of each month at 11 AM EST.  It stays open for four days, until the following Monday at Midnight EST.  Visit their site to join and participate in the theme submissions and vote for the following month’s theme.

Polish Pickup also has a Facebook fan page where you can keep up to date with the selections, themes and see swatches before the window opens.

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Thanks for reading!



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