Vapid Bath and Body

I fly my Vapicorn flag high and proud! Everyone in my house uses at least one Vapid product.

They are not just Nail Polish.

Recently, I posted about my skincare routine and it involved mostly vapid products. Both my husband and teenage son use Face Sauce. My toddler’s eczema has been helped by the use of the Goats milk body lotion and he loves to smell like cereal. We all benefit from the fragrant Waxes I burn, today I would like to discuss their Triple butter & Glycerin soaps.

While I have been an avid user of the fluffy whipped soap, I felt they were more of a splurge and honestly I do prefer a bar when showering. So I have 4 bars that I purchased in my last order and since I tried other bars and loved them, I decided to share these with you all.


Bar scents from top to bottom:

  1. Unicorn Milk – Sweet strawberries, ripe juicy peaches and frosting.
  2. Matcha – Green, fresh and a touch of cream. Bright lemon, bergamot and orange give ice to green matcha tea. A base of sweet cream makes this scent an indulgent one.
  3. Honey Almond – Simple, sweet and nutty. Almonds drizzled in golden honey.
  4. My Dress Has Pockets – Ripe strawberries, subtle Violet, and crisp Jasmine come together with a Vanilla Musk base.

These bars all lather up to a creamy lather and rinse off very clean, after rinsing you feel how clean your skin is. The scents are very subtle once rinsed off the skin, and even at its highest peak of scent these soaps are still very subtle.

img_3464There are a variety of bar types in the store, Vapid offers complete triple butter bars, hybrid triple butter/glycerin, glycerin and hybrid loofa bars.

I follow my shower with the Goat’s milk body cream and body mists, I may at times have all the same scents or layer different scents to make my own custom scent.

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20 replies to “Vapid Bath and Body

    1. I love her nail sauce when swatching, cause you get moisture and no oily residue. Since it dries matte you don’t get shiny fingers in your pictures.


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