Multi-Chrome Gradient

After a quick try at seeing what the new 1850 multi-chrome colors looked like over black, I was inspired to do a gradient with them.  These colors complimented each other well and so I decided to only use 3 of the 4.


So here is everything I used:

I started with one coat of Squid Ink over my base coat and since it dries rather quickly, by the time I had finished both hands my polish was pretty dry. I then used the Purple Latex to protect my cuticles and skin from the sponging I was about to do.


On the packing sponge I striped Mermaid Music, Sea Anemone and Garibaldi and proceeded to sponge on 2-3 layers of the gradient. After cleaning my cuticles with a clean up brush, I then I covered my gradient with a coat of Fast Track.

I let my nails dry as I prepared for my stamping. For my stamping I chose an open flower design that will allow the gradient to peek through.

I did a double stamp in order to allow the Platinum to shine brighter. After clean up, I applied one coat of Seche Vive.


I really love how this turned out, I was afraid the individual aspects of each technique would be lost over the other. They ended up all playing nicely and giving me totally distracting nails!!!

1850 Artisan Polish Treasures of the Pacific will be available Saturday, April 14 9:00am PST / 12:00 PM EST. Follow this fabulous brand, by joining their Facebook fan page  1850 Poppies and keep up with this and future releases.  Let me know in the comments which colors you’ll be getting.

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Thanks for reading!



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