1850 Treasures of the Pacific – Jellyfish Pee

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1850 Artisan Polish has come back with another stunning release for Spring 2018. Creator, Nikki took to the Pacific Ocean to find inspiration this time around and came up with the Treasures of the Pacific Collection releasing Saturday, April 14 9:00am PST / 12:00 PM EST, along with a restock of all previous polishes. With a total of 8 new polishes she will be releasing 1 Creme, 3 Multi-Chrome Flakies and 4 highly pigmented Multi-chromes.

This blog will be dedicated to the Multi-Chrome Flakies and the Creme in order to show you what Jellyfish Pee is all about!

First up is, Squid Ink a highly pigmented blackest black cream that can be applied as a one-coat base for any nail art or polish that needs a strong undie.

One Coat Squid Ink and one coat Fast Track QDTC

Squid Ink becomes fully opaque in one regular coat, glides on like butter and dries to a semi-matte sheen.




Next up is, Crystal Jelly – based on the Crystal Jellyfish, one of the most ethereal jellyfish in the Pacific Ocean it is almost completely transparent and has long and delicate tentacles. Crystal Jellies are a bio-luminescent and give off a beautiful green and blue glow.

One Coat Squid Ink, two coats Crystal Jelly and one coat Fast Track QDTC

As a multi-chrome flakie topper it dramatically shifts between green, turquoise, blue, purple, and gold.



With Matte Top Coat

Next up is, Moon Jelly – inspired by the Moon Jellyfish which changes colors based on what it has eaten, often appearing pink, lavender, or orange.

One Coat Squid Ink, two coats Moon Jelly and one coat Fast Track QDTC

This multi-chrome flakie topper shifts dramatically between violet and blue, with orange, gold, and green on the edges.

With Matte Topcoat

Finally we have, Lion’s Mane Jelly – inspired by the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish from the Pacific Ocean. The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is found in California depending on the season. The Bell colors can be milky to pale pink, brick-red to reddish-purple, or yellowish- brown making it a shifting beauty.

One Coat Squid Ink, two coats Lion’s Mane and one coat Fast Track QDTC

This multi-chrome flakie topper shifts dramatically between red and green, with gold on the edges.

With Matte Top Coat

 Blogger Notes:

  • It’s recommended that you use a high-quality base coat and top coat with this polish in order to extend the life of your manicure. I used the following Base and Tops:
  • Sponging on the flakies will give maximum payoff, though 2 coats also does the trick.
  • Using a black polish as a undie really pops the color, but these flakies come to play over even light colors like white.
  • These flakes lay flat and smooth even without a top coat.
  • I can’t pick a favorite though, Squid Ink is definitely a big win here!

1850 Artisan Polish Treasures of the Pacific will be available Saturday, April 14 9:00am PST / 12:00 PM EST. Follow this fabulous brand, by joining their Facebook fan page  1850 Poppies and keep up with this and future releases.  Let me know in the comments which colors you’ll be getting.

Price listing for this part of the collection is:

  • Squid Ink $10
  • Crystal Jelly $10
  • Moon Jelly $10
  • Lion’s Mane $10

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Thanks for reading!




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