Solar Flair

This march marked the 10 year anniversary of KB Shimmer, for this milestone KB Shimmer rebranded her entire line, even had all the existing polishes re-swatched! The most important part of this rebrand is that KB Shimmer is now 5 Free. For march there was a special release of 8 muti-chrome magnetics.

I picked up Solar Flair which shifts from shades of gold and yellow, to hot oranges and reds.


I used a coat of black polish under 2 coats of solar flair to achieve this look. Using the black undie gives the magnetized color more depth.

Quick tip for magnetics: use the magnet with every layer including the top coat. Every time a wet layer is applied the magnetized polish get’s disbursed, so you have to gather the magnet particles back up again.

I wanted to get fancy so I also stamped over it, I’m Extra!


This color stunning and the shift is out of this world!

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21 replies to “Solar Flair

  1. That is a magnificent polish. I love it alone and I love your nail art. I’m so reluctant to get into magnetized polishes since I didn’t like them the first go around. But it certainly seems like the formulas and magnets have been improved.

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