Spring Watercolors


Today I bring you a new type of stamping plate from Born Pretty Store, stamp plates have traditionally been etched in metal plates, but this new plate is acrylic and much more light weight! I also have 2 of the 4 tint jelly polishes offered by BPS.

I chose this plate for spring and because I love butterflies, this really inspired the outcome of the mani.

Here’s everything I used:


I started with my base of #goaldigger then stamped different designs using Commando, then with a fine brush I filled the empty spaces in the designs, I even did a dry brush design on my pinky.  Then I floated the QDTC to reduce any smearing of the designs.


The Plate performed well with the polishes I used on it. The designs are well etched and pickup well. The plate does include a square stamper and scrapper which did not work well for me. I tried 2 ways of priming the stamper, I used a lint roller to test pick up on the stamper, and while it did pick up from the plate it did not transfer to the nail.


I then then buffed it and again it did pick up from the plate but no transfer to the nail. I tired both ways to transfer to a mat which it did transfer. I ended up using my Marshmallow clear head stamper and it worked like a dream.


Another thing I tested was clean up of the plate. Because this plate is plastic I felt that pure acetone would be harsh on the plate. I am happy to report that I was able to clean the plate with my Zoya remover and it worked great.


I did a spot test with pure acetone and found that it too worked well with the plate and didn’t scratch or dull the plate.


Over all the plate and the colors performed very well and these floral designs will provide many spring time mani’s.

Links to products have been provided in the what I used listing.

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Thanks for reading!



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