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I recently had the opportunity to work with Frozen Water Designs run by Lyra Cole (Elly) who is a self-described Tech, Food and Word lover. A girl after my own heart! She writes things and she makes things. FWD is now heading into its eighth year on Etsy, and reached out to bloggers to get her product out.

She shared 3 beautiful colors with me which I present to you all today.

First I have RA – a clear base packed with golden holographic micro glitters as homage to the original sun-god.


This is 3 thin coats of RA on its own with a coat of QDTC. The formula and application for RA is smooth and even, the polish melted into itself nicely.

RA with Matte Top Coat

This polish does have VNL even after 3 coats, but it would work great as a topper over another color or with a yellow or golden undie for full on sparkle. I did apply RA with a sponge on one nail and I got some great payoff by jamming the glitters together.

As you see above, a matte topper doesn’t dull it’s shine, but really transforms it to a richer version of itself.


Next I have Prima,

Prima is a light blue shimmer with scattered holo micro glitters and iridescent flakes, which give this polish a pink shimmer.


Prima dries to a semi matte finish on its own, for me 3 coats gave me full opacity.  The formula and application were a bit thick, but it did go on evenly and leveled itself. The thickness is to be expected as the amount of glitter and flakes do to this to polishes.

Prima with a matte top coat

You can definitely see the glitters and flakes when the matte top coat is applied.


Finally I have Hera,

Hera is a DuoChrome Holo that presents as a Copper red and shifts to gold and pink.


Hera reached full opacity in 2 coats and application for this polish was smooth and even.

Hera with a Matte Top Coat

As seen above the matte top coat accentuates the holo and shift as they are both visibility present.


Overall, I found all polishes easy to work with and Hera is my favorite from these three. I am very curious to see what else Lyra comes up with.

As a note: I was told that the bottle shape for the brand will be changing in the near future and that other aspects of the brand will soon be rebranded, so look out for that.

All polishes reviewed are currently available in small quantities on Frozen Water’s shop.

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Thanks for reading!



23 replies to “Frozen Water Designs

    1. It’s a bit challenging to hold, but storing them side ways makes them more compact. I want to see what the new bottle shape will be.


    1. Thanks! I’ve seen other polishes with the same bottle, and though it is a challenge to hold I was glad what was inside was soo good.


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