Moon Flower

Continuing with my Spring Inspired nail art mani week, you can see I am not into the traditional flowers. I’m more of an exotic flower kind of gal, I mean why settle for roses that every one has.

This stamp inspired me to do a radial gradient that creates an out of this world flower.


Here are all the colors I used:


To create the gradient I prepped my nails with a base coat and latex barrier around my cuticles.

I applied one coat of You float my boat and then using a packing sponge (not make up sponge) , I used one from my Live Love Polish order.

These have wider pores and are best to use when using glitter polishes for gradients. Latex make up sponges will soak in the color base and leave just the glitters on the surface making it hard to blend glitter polishes.

To the sponge I added a ring of You float my boat, Set the bar high and dotted the center with Lemons & Cream. I sponge on this blend to all my nails and used 3 coats of the blend.


I then added a QDTC and let it dry.


Finally, I created a double stamp using the Platinum Stamping Sauce and then Commando over it, making sure to center the stamp over the yellow/orange center of the radial gradient to give the look of a flower. Then added a final coat of QDTC.


I really loved how this turned out and may have to create a space theme mani with this gradient!

Come back tomorrow as I continue my spring nail art rotation.

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Thanks for reading!



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