Pot of Gold – WaterMarble

St. Patrick’s day is tomorrow and in honor of it, I decided to pull all my green polishes and think shit what now?!?

I don’t have too many green polishes, but not having done actual nail art in a while. I decided I needed to pull out my mini solo cups and water marble. My conversation with Krystal from @queenofnails83 last week, made me think about doing this.

Here are all the colors I used:

  • Bee’s Knees – Prototype #2
  • 1850 Artisan Polish – New Life
  • Vapid – Rock Candy
  • Great Lakes Lacquer – That Ducking Lake
  • Serendipity – Hike & Be Happy
  • Polish my life – Commando and Stripped
  • 1850 Fast Track QDTC
  • Seche Vive Gel Top Coat
  • Vapid Purple Polish Eater Latex Barrier
  • Gold foil

I used Stripped as my base and use Fast Track QDTC. After allowing the base to dry for 15 mins, I began my water marble target.


I then prepped my fingers with the latex barrier over all my fingers, I do one hand at a time in order to work with the other hand.  DSC05867

Once I finished water marbling and peeling the latex barrier from both hands I chose random pieces of gold foil to apply over all my nails.


Topping it all with a coat of Fast Track and Seche Vive. I do this double coating because I have found that gold foil tends to flake of if you use 2 coats of any QDTC, the Gel like topper is thicker and tends to hold the foil in place longer.


So what do you think of pot of gold water marble?

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Thanks for reading!



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