Basic Bitch v11 – The Prepubescent Bitch

February 2018 Vapid released a few new Bitches for Kry’s birthday month. The Basic Bitch collection is full of soft metallic  & iridescent polishes that range from light to dark neutrals. I was able to get my hands on a few of them. The entire collection is numbered with odd numbers from 3 to 33. I’ve associated these as ages and separated them as Baby Bitches, Prepubescent Bitches, Legal Bitches and Adult Bitches.

DSC05674Although, I went for more of the Adult Bitches, I did snag this prepubescent one. Basic Bitch v11 is a light dusty rose pink with some pretty aqua shimmer.


The application is metallic behaving where you can see the brush strokes after it dried, but still a smooth application and it dried to a semi matte finish. I used 2 medium (1 thin, 1 thick) coats and added a quick dry top coat.


I grabbed this one thinking I would give it to my mom since this is more her color, but as all things I intend to give as a give I end up falling in love and being selfish!

v11 is still available on Vapid’s site, I’ll buy her one for her birthday! Stay with me this week as I go through all the Bitches!

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Thanks for reading!



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