Mermaid Candy

Femme Fatale joined the Polish Pickup for it’s second month and I couldn’t be happier! For the Sugar Rush theme FF has gone with Mermaid Candy Bark as their inspiration. Mermaid Candy is a mixture of multicolored candy melts, sugar and sprinkles, what a sugar rush!

The Polish Pick up is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 30 indie makers participate and create polish and non polish products.


Mermaid Candy is a sheer turquoise base with aqua/pink micro chameleon chrome flakes, blue to green shifting, violet holographic micro shards and a touch of silver holographic glitters.


Like the candy the polish is a kitchen sink kind of polish. I couldn’t help but wonder what would show up if I sponged on a few layers of this polish on an accent nail.


In my pictures you will see that my ring finger looks a bit different than the others, it’s slight but I used the sponging application on that finger and brush applied the rest. Above is a macro of what the sponge application look like.


Here I have a side by side of the sponged(right) vs brushed(left) applications.

The application choice is preference at this point, I could have applied a 3rd coat with the brush to get more glitters onboard and come pretty close to the sponged application.

I used a latex sponge, but have learned that a more porous sponge will deliver more of the base color to the nail. Overall a beautiful, stunning polish!

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