B Polished was back on Polish Pickup with a great polish for the Sugar Rush theme inspired by Bubblizz which is a slightly fizzy bubblegum flavored gummy.

B Polished inspiration

The Polish Pick up is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 30 indie makers participate and create polish and non-polish products.


This stunning dusty blue is it’s cold state, originally the warm state was to be a powdery pink color. Unfortunately the pink pigment did not transition for a large batch resulting what I have for you today, a silver blue warm state.


Like I said Stunning! It is jammed packed with holographic micro glitters through out and color shifting shimmer.

Now, you think you are done, I must admit that while I was applying the polish I smelled something and gave myself a nice blue dot on my nose! This polish was named Bubblicious for a reason. Above everything else, it’s scented! When dry the polish smells like the inspiration gum, I’ve had it on for 2 days and it still smells like the first day.

The scent is not very noticeable and you really have to put your hand directly under your nose to get the scent.

The formula was smooth and easy to apply, I used 2 coats and a quick dry top coat. Bubblicious dries to a satin matte finish and is the slightest textured nothing that 2 coats of top coat won’t fix. If you are like me 1 coat will suffice.



A note on Customer Service

Francine is a total class act, upon the first report of the polish not transitioning to the correct color, she immediately posted the situation and provided instructions on how and why this happened.

At first replacement bottles were offered, but understanding that the elements could’ve been a factor, she decided to issue refunds and a discount to those affected instead. She was very responsive during the situation and rectified the issue within 24hrs.

This was my very first B Polished and she now has me for life! Now the idea of having this polish in pink and blue would play well in gender reveal parties, you know just sayin’.

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