Women’s History Month by 1850 Artisan Polish

1850 Artisan Polish has come back with a kick ass release, after releasing a stunning debut collection, (See Part I and Part II). Creator, Nikki curated the stunning Women’s History Month collection, composed of five new shades releasing Thursday, March 1st at 3pm PST/6pm EST along with a restock of all previous polishes.

Collage_BottlesTrue to her roots, Californian women are behind three of these shades celebrating Californian Women’s History. Further, she celebrates women everywhere for their unlimited strength and power  in the remaining two shades. NOTE: I will be taking you on a history lesson as I share these beautiful colors!

This collection is about empowering women and paving the way for our young ladies as these strong women did for us!

Off to the Swatches!

First, I have, New Life a delicate spring green that shifts to a bright gold and is packed with gold shimmer has captured the attention of many!



Inspired by Biddy Mason a former slave who on January 21, 1856, petitioned Los Angeles County District Judge Benjamin Hayes for her freedom as a resident of a free state (California), as well as the freedom of the other slaves held captive by her then owner Robert Smith.

While a slave she learned nursing and midwifery skills to later become a nurse midwife, using her earnings to purchase land in Los Angeles, making her one of the first African American landowners in California! Above all, Biddy was a philanthropist who shared her wealth with the poor and imprisoned.




The bright green of New Life is a symbol of the new lives that Biddy helped bring into the world, as well as the green trees growing in the park named after her.

Use Your Voice, an earth-toned polish with a Smokey grey base, gold shimmer, and multi-dimensional copper/pink/plum shifting shimmers, inspired by Helen Hunt Jackson.


blogHelen-Hunt-JacksonbwHelen Hunt Jackson was a poet, novelist and essayist who became an advocate for Native American rights, fighting for improved treatment of those living on mission land in California.

She authored a novel Ramona” dramatizing life of a mixed-race Scottish/Native American orphan girl, who suffered discrimination and hardship, set in Southern California. The novel attracted considerable attention to her cause.

Later, she exposed government violation of treaties with the Indian tribes and documented the corruption of US Indian agents, military officers and settlers who encroached on and stole Indian lands, this caused a national sensation.


Set the Bar High is the creator’s version of Ultra Violet, the color of the year for 2018. This clear ultra violet polish shimmers on its own, but is also packed with gold shimmer, giving it a glowing sparkle.

DSC05603Inspired by Clara Shortridge Folz, an homage to the colors of the Women’s Suffrage movement which are purple, gold, and white.

Clara-shortridge-foltzClara Shortridge Folz, became the state’s first woman lawyer, after fighting to change the law that denied women the right to become lawyers. Foltz, a wife and mother, began studying law at the local firm called Black and Stephens. Though, in the 1870s, California law only allowed white males over 21 with a “good character” to take the bar exam.

To this, Foltz responded by authoring the Woman Lawyer’s Bill, proposed as an amendment to section 275 of the Code of Civil Procedure, changing the section from “white male” to “person”. On September 4, 1878, Foltz took full advantage of this amendment, taking and passing the bar examination, becoming the first woman lawyer in California and the Pacific Coast.

Today, the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles was renamed the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center.


Boundless is a Thermal that transitions from a sheer pink with a blue flash when warm to a midnight blue when cold.  It has gold shimmer and subtle, opalescent color shifting flakies that shift between violet, turquoise, blue, green, and gold.

DSC05650DSC05663This polish is a celebration of the unlimited strength and power of the women who change the world. We need to look no further than within ourselves to know we are bound by nothing, and can achieve whatever we set our minds to!


Finally, we have, GroundBreaker a multi-chrome thermal with scattered gold holographic micro glitter. It transitions from a champagne pearl with fuchsia/red shimmer when warm to a blackened base with a fuchsia/red to gold multi-chrome sparkle when cold.


GroundBreaker is dedicated to all women who have been broken ground and are forging new paths, pushing the conventional boundaries, and create a better world for all.

History lesson over, thank you for hanging in there with me, as a feminist it’s important for me to now only highlight what women have done and can do, but to educate those who will listen.

Thank you Nikki for bringing us beauty that not only adorns us, but empowers us!

1850 Artisan Polish Women’s History collection will be available Thursday, March 1st at 3pm PST/6pm EST. Follow this fabulous brand, by joining their Facebook fan page  and keep up with this and future releases.  Let me know in the comments which colors you’ll be getting and which you identify with the most.

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Thanks for reading!



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  1. That’s such a neat collection concept! Plus when you connect history with ones love of polishe I mean obviously we are going to find it easier to remember!

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