Tonic: Helpless

Lindsey at Tonic Polish has been releasing some very interesting multi chrome magnetic polishes lately and Helpless is the latest addition to her offerings.

Note: If you purchase this polish you will need a magnet, your refrigerator magnets will not work with this or any magnet polish, magnets are provided separately on Tonic’s site for $2.00.


Helpless a dark teal base with multichrome magnetic shimmer that shifts from red/violet-gold-green and indigo iridescent flakes reaches full opacity in 2 coats.


Tip on application for this polish is to apply first coat and not use the magnet then apply a thick enough coat and immediately use the magnet over top of it. You must follow step 2 for each individual nail, if the polish dries you cannot pull the magnetic bits in the polish.

Also use the magnet after applying your top coat, this will keep your magnetic stripe defined.


Helpless is a bit of a stainer on skin, not your nails. I had to scrub my hands and dig into my cuticles to get it out, so just remember to be careful with your skin.



Tonic Polish is currently holding a pre-sale on all items in the store for the rest of February. If you are looking for something you only have until the end of feb to order without missing out.

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21 replies to “Tonic: Helpless

  1. Interesting. I looove the color and I think I like it better unmagnetized. I just wore a red that stained my skin when I took it off. It came off pretty easily but that’s not my favorite thing…I’ll have to think on that.

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  2. This is the first tonic I’ve seen that I haven’t loved. It’s ciil that it’s magnetic but that’s a no because of the color and staining.


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