Over fall last year there was a color released by Tonic that caused a quite the stir in the nail community, the release of Serendipity.

This polish was sought after around this community that auctions were held to claim one. Well Lindsey and her team decided to create Happenstance as the cousin to Serendipity.

Happenstance is a red leaning purple jelly with unicorn pee and red-gold-green shifting iridescent flakes.

This color glows from within. I applied 3 thin coats to reach full opacity and a coat of my favorite QDTC Fast Track from 1850 Polish.

See the flakes suspended in the polish!

Macro of Happenstance

Personally, I like Happenstance much more than Serendipity. The cousins don’t stop with this polish, a few others have made a debut as the cousins of the fall releases.

Slide on over to Tonic Polish and get yourself a cousin or two, I won’t tell! They are currently holding a pre-sale on all items in the store for the rest of February. If you are looking for something you only have until the end of feb to order without missing out.

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