Chameleon Flakes


Flakies are great! Born Pretty sent me some of their Chameleon Holographic Flakes to review. I chose color #6 which has rose, gold and green flakes.

These flakes are super shifty multi-chrome flakes that can be dabbed on or rubbed on for a mirror finish. It’s pretty standard that Born Pretty recommends that you use UV/LED gel to add these flakes to and top with, my standard is to pretty much ignore this and try it my way, unless it fails then I follow direction.


I started out with my favorite one coat black, Polish My Life Commando topped with Fast Track QDTC. Sadly PML is no longer on the market.


Using the provided makeup sponge I dabbed the flakes on my nails and then proceeded to rub them in with my finger. This has been the best method of application for me with these flakes.

Once I was satisfied with the amount of flakes and honestly tired of rubbing! I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vive Non-UV Gel Topcoat.

I honesty thought it was going to dull the shine like other mirror powders, but it didn’t.

I am very impressed with these flakes, and they were pretty easy to work with.

Go on over to Born Pretty and get your Chameleon Holographic Flakes a pod of 0.1g will cost $1.59, just enough to try some more!

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