Energy Crystal Soap

The January Crystals and Gems theme over at The Polish Pickup brought many gem inspired nail polish, but what is a soap maker to do?!? Angie from Handmade Natural Beauty answered the question with Energy Crystal Soap.

The Polish Pickup is a Facebook group where makers create a polish/product based on a certain theme and all of the polishes and non polish items are sold in the Polish Pickup Store at the beginning of each month.

This 3oz bar of Goats Milk Soap has a geode interior where multiple colors swirl within the bar and is topped with “Crystal Quartz”, why the quotes? Did she really put crystals in the soap? No!

She shaped clear glycerin to look like quartz and sprinkled some mica to give it that shimmer look.

I purchased two because I wanted to get enough soap, plus I needed one to use as decoration while I used the other.

For a while there I couldn’t bring myself to use either! But I am so glad I did. These soaps are amazing! This soap creates a creamy lather that feels like you are applying lotion.

One thing that scared me was that as I was lathering up the soap, the red dye in the soap create a red lather and when the soap is put on the holder the water that pools is also red.

I didn’t find any staining due to the dye, I did give the soap a quick rinse before putting it in the holder, just in case.

I’ve used this soap for a few nights and I love the smell, it’s the typical goat milk soap smell. It rindes clean and you can feel clean after using it, your skin doesn’t feel stripped but it’s not overly greasy either.

I definitely need to look into more if these soaps especially as gifts!

Check out Angie’s shop for more of her creations, she even has the Energy Crystal soap in her shop.

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24 replies to “Energy Crystal Soap

    1. If you are interested, she does have this one on her site. It’s actually her normal sized bar which is bigger than the one offered on PPU.


  1. What a fun and fabulous soap! I really love the geode interior. The only problem I have with handmade soaps is that they’re too pretty and unique to use lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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