Skin Care Routine

Skin Care

As you get to your thirty’s most women will agree, you have to make sure you are taking care of your skin. Your skin is the best makeup you will ever need.

I am not one to wear a full face of makeup everyday, but I do use eye makeup and every once in a while I will use foundation and the whole nine. These are the items I use every day with minor exceptions. I like to keep my skin care short and sweet, I also lean towards indie products, because they are hand-made with quality organic and vegan products.  My skin care does have a commercial brand that is also organic and vegan.

Clean your face

To remove my makeup I use Julep’s Love your bareface, this was the flagship on my sink for 4 years. With age though, come changes and hormones that change how your skin reacts to a product. Once upon a time this was all I needed to remove makeup and clean my face, lately my skin has began to breakout if I only use bareface.


Love your bare face is a combination of Rosehip Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Green Coffee bean extract and Grapefruit peel oil. This cleansing oil has a very light scent and feel to it, washes off and leaves very little residue. Today I use it only to remove my makeup, It can get every last drop of eyeliner off and because I like to put eyeliner in my waterline.

To cleanse my face I use a new for me product from Vapid Lacquer Liquid African Black Soap.  It’s a simple three-ingredient blend of: unrefined shea butter, unrefined palm kernel oil, and real potash. These ingredients are hand-gathered from around the local villages and are not ingredients from a farmed plantation.

DSC05219LABS as it is affectionately called, is known to help with eczema and severe acne, soothing the skin and cleansing in a way that most soap cannot. I use one pump and work it over my entire face and then with my Julep Charcoal Konjac Sponge, I exfoliate and lather my face, then rinse off to a no film clean. I have been using this for a few weeks now and love the feel of clean and the softness left behind.

Two times a week I use the Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion polisher, this non harsh polisher removes dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.


My skin looks more plump and brighter after using it. This has also been recently introduced to my routine, I trust the brand and love the infusion of Vitamin C my skin gets.

Dry your face and add moisture

After cleaning and exfoliating my face, it’s time to apply some good stuff while my pores are open.

The first thing I go for after drying my face is my Vapid Tea Tree Hydrosol, a hydrosol is the water bi-product in the creation of essential oils. They are safe and far gentler than essential oils or harsh toners, and can be applied directly to the skin, hair, and face.


Though there are other types of Hydrosols offered by Vapid, I use Tea Tree because it keeps blemishes from forming and existing ones from spreading. I spray myself 3 times and before it dries I apply a few drops of the next product.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Solution, is a lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that combats breakouts and improves the overall condition of skin.


Both my husband and I use this product and our faces are smoother, clear and dries matte. We have been using this for over a year and we are never without it.

The final step for my night routine is to add a bit of Face Sauce! Vapid Face Sauce Facial Moisturizer is a Goat Milk based moisturizer which adds Oat, Chamomile and Buckthorn extracts to soothe and soften, Aloe juice to calm tight skin and Shea Butter for soft skin.


Face Sauce is for every skin type, all you need is one pump for your entire face and it goes on smooth and greaseless. I have 3 bottles in my medicine cabinet and I predict it will last me this whole year, I seriously just use 1 pump which is the size of a dime and this melts all over my face.

During the work week mornings, I use The Body Shop Vitamin C Boost Instant Smoother  under my makeup, I have found that it allows my make up to apply easily and holds on to the pigments like a trap. This is a serum with mineral glowing particles, which makes your skin velvety soft and gives your face a beautiful glow.

DSC05224Infused with Amazonian Camu Camu berries help to invigorate the skin and protect against damaging environmental elements.

I’ve used all these products over the past year and they have proven work well for me. My breakouts are under control, the vitamin c products have helped reduce my hyper pigmentation.  The Vapid products are most available year round, though they occasionally sell out. Julep products are available in their online store and in certain Ulta’s. Body Shop products are widely available online and in store.

I had to change the way I took care of my face, what changes have you made for better skin? I would also be interested to know if you also use any of the listed products?

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38 replies to “Skin Care Routine

    1. There is a whole line of bath and body products and they all smell divine. I have my husband hooked, he now looks for his goat milk soap when I get my orders in.


    1. I have been going through this exact thing last year, I started looking for products to replace and this is my last tube of bareface.


  1. I’ve never been one to have a daily skin care routine and I’m one of the few that have never had breakout issues on my face either… I really enjoyed learning about what products you use though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I was in my 20’s I used to just wash my face with the soap I bathed with, never took off makeup before going to sleep. Your 30’s are for changing that behavior, now that I’m turning 40. I’m glad I did.


    1. You know what I’m glad I did. I just got back from the Dr’s office and she was asked if I was babysitting. I had my 4yr old with me, at 40, you feel damn proud of that moment! LOL!


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