Sally Hensen Pacific Blue OG

A friend of mine recently brought in a blue polish she said was in a box from her High School days, after reminding her it’s been almost 2 decades since I was in high school and rolling my eyes a bit, I stepped closer to inspect the polish.

To my surprise in my presence was the OG SH Pacific Blue polish, “Do you know what you have here?!?”, I exclaimed and looking at me like I had 5 heads she said “No”. I ran down a brief history of the polish and the Old vs New mishaps, I also told her that in the nail community this polish was garnered to the highest regard and in the black market fetched a good price.

Fast forward a few months and I’m greeted by the same friend with this polish on a day that was particularly crappy at work, she handed it to me and said hopefully this will cheer you up! I still hear how if I sell this I can put my kid through college and quit if I want to. [Insert facepalm here]


Since the bottle has been in a box for 7 years, it was goopy and thick. I added a few drops of thinner to it and it has come back to life!

I used 2 coats and added a QDTC, I can see why people revolted when SH changed the formula, lied that they didn’t then came clean with the, Oh we researched trends and brought it back wit a fresh look business!


So, once I swatched it I only found it fitting to add some nail art she would appreciate!



I used my Born Pretty Valentine’s day plate and gave her some pizza love!


Thanks for Reading!



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