Aurora Neon Unicorn Pigment


Born Pretty sent me their Aurora Neon Unicorn Chameleon pigment for review and I am pretty impressed. This powder costs $2.99 for 0.3g weight box, I used color #3. The instructions do recommend that the pigment be used over UV/LED gel polish and cured, but we all know me and I will avoid that lamp at all costs. Plus most people use regular polish.

I prepared my nails with 2 coats of white polish, from Serendipity Polish (retired) and then I applied 1 coat of 1850 QDTC Fast track. I let it dry as normal.

The pigment came with an eyeshadow applicator I used it to dab the powder on to my nail, when I started to rub it on my nail, I noticed that it was streaking the powder. I decided to switch tactic and use my finger.

I dabbed a bit more and then using my ring finger for a light touch I rubbed the powder to my nail and got a much better application. This powder is supposed to be a mirror finish, and using my finger buffed the powder gave me the desired effect.

Rubbed powder no topcoat

I intentionally left the powder on my skin in the picture above to show the shimmer of this pigment.

I tried 2 top coats over the pigment, UNT Peel off Basecoat and Fast Track. As with most mirror powders, a normal QDTC breaks apart the mirror finish and makes it dull. UNT base coat used as a top coat has been proven to keep the mirror finish of these powders.


Normally, you would add your QDTC over the UNT after it dried, but because I was using water slide decals I left that step to the end.

I got these cute decals from the January Polish Pickup, I LOVED Jem & the Holograms growing up and I needed a real hologram to put these on!

Once I applied the decals I topped it with Fast Track QDTC, then I washed my hands and removed all of the pigment on my skin.

Overall, I love this powder and will be using it with a Unicorn mani! It’s easy to use and so long as you use UNT peel off base coat in between it and your QDTC/Top Coat or use a water based top coat you can get away with not having to use a gel topcoat and lamp.

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