IndieSwatch Winning Proto’s

This year for the best of 2017 IndieSwatch tallied up all the votes and Bee’s Knees Lacquer won in three categories.

  • Best Newcomer 1st Place
  • Best Blue 2nd Place
  •  Best Holographic 3rd Place

To thank her Bee Hive, Sarah created 3 prototypes which were sold last week. I managed to get my hands on 2 of the 3 polishes created. The package arrived in a pretty lemon print bubble envelope, the first thing that came to mind was some unpleasantness over in a facebook group over the past few months. Bee’s Knees has been the subject of some harsh commentary and a variety of Anon polishes have been released in response. The Lemon print envelope brought me to see Sarah is making Lemonade out of the dealt Lemons and although these prototypes were a thank you for getting the wins, I’m very sure that it’s also a nice subtle FU to those who doubted her.

So let’s see these protos:

Prototype 1 is a beautiful pink leaning violet crelly with multi colored flakes. The consistency was a bit thick as these polishes tend to be. I found all the flakes laid flat after application, the color was pretty opaque, after 1 coat full coverage was achieved. I added a second coat to see if it deepened the color, and it made it look just like it does in the bottle.

Prototype 1
Prototype 1 Macro
Prototype 1

The polish dries to a semi shiny finish, I added a high gloss QDTC from 1850 Artisan Polish.

Prototype 2 is a kick ass Key Lime Green with gold shimmers that highly reflect light. The consistency of this polish was perfect and applied evenly, the color was very opaque so much so that this is one regular coat and a very light 2nd coat, which really wasn’t necessary, but my neurotic brain always applies 2 coats.

There were no texture issues and it dried to a semi matte finish, I added a high gloss QDTC.

Prototype 2
Prototype 2 Macro
Prototype 2

Congratulations to Sarah Green for an impressive (partial) 1st year!

These prototypes are on sale through the weekend of 2/4 at get yours while they last. Each polish is only $8 per polish.

Thanks for reading!



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