Betraying Phalanges

Let’s talk about how my nails have been betraying me lately and I’ve been too down to care. If you’ve noticed, heard me whine or follow me you’ll know my nails have been short of infuriating over the past month.

This is how they used to look:


Welcome to Hashimoto’s part II.

My levels have felt off since the end of November, my mind has been foggy, my hair has been falling out more than usual my nails have been brittle and my mood has been off. Due to other health issues I contributed it to that.

I was finally able to get in to see my Endocrinologist until last week, yeah it’s a while, but she’s great! After reviewing my labs my TSH was almost 3 points higher than the highest score on the standard scale.

I’ve had an adjustment on my meds and hopefully start seeing some improvement. I’ve had a couple of nail breaks that made me just bite the bullet and shave them down to the quick.

Why so glum? They’re just nails!

My nails are important because, the colors and nail art are a form of therapy for me and self expression. I still have nails, just not long nails, well yes. Funny as it sounds they don’t feel like my nails. I was so proud that I was able to manage a certain length for almost a year.

First cut
Current length 


I’ve been working on getting my mindset straight, and move to acceptance. I’m almost there, today was the last shave down. I can’t go any shorter, with some time I’m hoping that my time in shortyville proves to be helpful and provide a strong foundation to my phalanges.

Thanks for reading!



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