Cat Eye Gel


Cat Eye Magnetic manicures are all the rage now, though magnetic polish has been around for quite some time. Born Pretty has sent me their new Magnetic Gel polish to review. Working with Magnetic polish takes a bit of practice since you have to work in a certain order. Born Pretty offers 8 colors, the color I used is BP-08 which is a brown.

I actually did this mani 2 times because my first attempt wasn’t what I was hoping for.

To use this polish you will need to have the following tools, a UV/LED curing lamp, gel base coat and top coat. I use a peel off base coat because I do not like to soak off gel, I use UNT brand peel off base coat.

And of course a good heavy-duty magnet, from my experience a refrigerator magnet is most likely not going to do the job here. Born pretty sells magnets specifically for nail art they offer 5 choices for $1.59.


I started by applying a coat of peel of base coat and let it dry completely, 2-3 minutes. Then I applied a coat of gel base coat and cured it for 1 min.

The instructions on born pretty indicate that you do not need a black base to apply the magnetic polish over, most magnetic polishes benefit from having a black creme base to make the color pop. This polish is pretty thick and pigmented, which is why it doesn’t need a black undie.

Apply one coat and then cure for 1- 2 mins, take with this polish the color can smudge if it doesn’t have a cured top coat on. Then on apply a second coat, this time use the magnet  to create your design, hold for 30 seconds (the site suggests 10-15 sec, but I didn’t get anything until I held it longer).


Remember that the magnet is drawing the magnetic particles to the surface so you can not use the magnet in different places that will just shift the design from one location to another.

Once you have used the magnet and have your design, cure the nail for 1-2 mins under the lamp. I found that following the 2nd coat steps per nail works best, when I used the magnet on all nails and then cured them together the effect seemed to dissipate. So curing each nail just after using the magnet worked best for me.

Finally, I applied a coat of the gel top coat and cured it for 1 min.


I use a no wipe top coat, but if you don’t take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the residue.

Overall, the formula of the polish was a bit hard to work with. The bottle I received was a bit goopy and I had to make sure apply thin coats. Since I did my mani 2 times, I learned what not to do next time I use this polish.

This can be fun to use and I have a love for tortoise-shell mani’s I’ve created a couple with regular polish and I think I will use this polish, with its magnetic effect I think it will turn out great.

Shop Born Pretty Store and follow them on IG to see new products as they are released.

Thanks for reading!




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