1850 Artisan Polish – Part II


On today’s post I am sharing the final 5 polishes from this amazing Debut Collection for 1850 Artisan Polish.  For Part I of this collection click here. New Brand: 1850 Artisan Polish Part I

This collection has a variety of finishes that will offer something for everyone. Please stay til the end, I have nail art there!

To the Swatches!

First up we have, Taupe-iary

A lovely lavender leaning taupe creme with soft copper shimmer. This color is the epitome of neutral, I looks great on just about any skin tone.

I applied 2 coats of polish and a coat of Fast Track (1850’s Quick Dry Top Coat).  The formula was smooth and not streaky.


Here I applied a matte topper and it looks like a velvet finish.IMG_2162IMG_2163



Next is, Lovely

Lovely is a soft pink creme polish, that can be a great staple to your creme collection.



The formula is a smooth creamy finish, It is opaque in 2-3 coats. For me I applied 3 coats.


Next I have, Hollywood

Everytime I say the name to this one I sing in my head Hollllyyyywoooood, Hollywood City! (sorry showing my age).

Hollywood is a metallic electric violet pink with silver, fuchsia and turquoise scattered holo glitter. Hollywood reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats, for me 2 coats gave me some VNL, but the 3rd coat was perfect. I topped it with one coat of Fast track.


Here I added a matte topper and you can still see the holo glitters on the nail.IMG_2123IMG_2122

The formula is smooth and though it’s a jelly base it doesn’t behave like one.

Next up is, Wild Blackberries

Wild Blackberries is a deep berry with a gold shift and blue shimmer throughout. I applied 2 coats and a coat of fast track.


Here I added a matte topper and it is where the blue shimmer come out to play!IMG_2174IMG_2175

The formula on this polish is smooth and really pigmented.

Finally we have, Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a multi-chrome shimmer that is constantly changing. Very reminiscent of the busy little birds out in the spring time. I applied this one in 4 different ways, can you tell I like it?

First I applied using the brush method and glossy top coat.


Then I applied a matte top coat.



So then thought what would it look like sponged on,


and of course then I had to do nail art!


As you can see from the macros, fast track didn’t smudge my stamping polish at all. That normally happens with seche vite.

This was a long post, but I had a bit of fun with Hummingbird. I predict this one will be hard to keep in stock!

Overall, I love this entire collection and there isn’t one I don’t like, even the cremes. 1850 will be available to the public February 2018, there isn’t set day yet. In order to stay up to date with this launch follow them on Facebook and a IG. I will also keep track of the launch date and will post on my IG.

Update: 1850 will be launching Early, the grand opening will be January 20, 2018 @ 7am PST / 10am EST. See you there!

Thanks for hanging in to the end!



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