New Brand: 1850 Artisan Polish Part I


I have the honor of introducing a new Indie Brand of polish, 1850 Artisan Polish.

1850 is 5-Free, Vegan, and Made with Love in California by its maker Nikki Shifter. Shifter has been a member of The Julep Sisterhood group on Facebook and has taken all the feedback shared in this group and created an exceptional collection of polish.  1850 polishes are hand mixed in small batches using high quality cosmetic grade pigments and glitters.

This curated line of beautiful polishes is named after the year that California became a state – 1850.

Lets see these polishes!

First up we have the polish that made me Agaw when I saw some awesome pourn on IG

City Lights at Night

This is a black jelly with multicolored holo micro glitters. I applied 3 thin coats and a coat of the brands own Quick Dry Top Coat – Fast track (more on this later).


Here I added a coat of Butter London Matte topper, and you still see all the glitters dancing!IMG_1860IMG_1858

The formula of this jelly is smooth and applies neat, it dries to a semi matte finish and does not stain.

Next up, Santa Monica Pier

A rose gold glitter with rose gold, gold and silver glitters. I applied 2 coats, but could get away with a 3rd coat and a coat of Fast Track.



Here I added a coat of matte topper.IMG_1900IMG_1901

The formula on this is a bit thick due to all the metallic glitter, but it applies evenly and though it looks textured the glitters lay flat.

Next we have, Pacific Coast Highway

A deep blue metallic with violet flashes. I applied 2 coats of PCH, but this can easily be a one coater. Then I applied a coat of Fast Track.


Here I added a matte topper and it looks like blue velvet! IMG_1889IMG_1890

The formula on this polish was very pigmented, and can definitely be a one coater. It’s not streaky at all and applies smooth.

Here we have, High Rise

This fuchsia berry jelly is the Ruby Slippers of this collection, complete with Unicorn Aurora Pigment. I applied 2 coats, a 3rd coat would have given it a bit more depth, and a coat of Fast Track.


Here I added a coat of matte topper and it transformed it!IMG_2030IMG_2031

The formula on this is pretty pigmented and applied nicely in 2 coats, I love the gold shimmer and unicorn aurora pigment in the glossy finish.

Next is, Dichotomy

A scattered holographic thermal, yes thermal, that is a deep royal purple when cold and an ice lavender when warm.

Cold State


Warm StateIMG_2003IMG_2004

The formula on this polish is a bit thick so 2 thin coats will do, I topped it with Fast track and let it do its magic!

Finally we have, Duplicity

This is a multichrome thermal that shifts from a Plum with gold shimmer when cold and a warm peachy pink when warm.

I applied 2 coats and a coat of fast track. This is one that I was completely taken a back for. It is splendid!

Cold – Glossy


Warm – GlossyIMG_2012IMG_2013

The formula for this polish was smooth and opaque, much more pigmented than other multichromes I’ve used on the first swipe.

Here is the same polish with a matte topper. Hold your breath!

Cold – Matte


Warm – MatteIMG_2020IMG_2022

This is one hell of a debut collection, and I’m not even done! These are 6 of the 11 polishes offered in this collection.

Plus 1850 offers a QDTC called Fast Track that is fabulous! I tested it out on one nail before going to bed, woke up with no dents or sheet imprints, wore it for 12hrs and kept its shine. What impressed me most was that I applied a second coat of the topper to test shrinkage. Well let me tell you, it stayed true and didn’t shrink, this topper will be great for nail art that requires multiple coats of top coat.

Overall, I am stunned at the beauty across the board with these colors, Nikki put her heart into these little bottles and it shows.  1850 Polishes will be available for sale February 2018 in the mean time follow them on their Facebook page and on Instagram to stay up to date on release info.

Update: 1850 will be launching Early, the grand opening will be January 20, 2018 @ 7am PST / 10am EST. See you there!

High Rise has been edited to correct the fact that it contains Unicorn Aurora Pigment not Unicorn Pee.

Click here to see Part II for the rest of the collection.

Thanks for reading!



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