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January 2018

The Candy 🍭 Shop Collection

This collection is very sought after. I've seen it sold in the black market for $20-30 a bottle. So when I had the opportunity to get them on the Annual Purge sale, I had to get all of them! These... Continue Reading →


1850 Romance

PRESS SAMPLE Even though I have little shorties, I wanted to honor the launch of 1850 Artisan Polish, created by Nikki Shifter. Her debut collection is truly amazing and has something for everyone. 1850 Launches Saturday January 20th at 7am... Continue Reading →

Cat Eye Gel

PRESS SAMPLE Cat Eye Magnetic manicures are all the rage now, though magnetic polish has been around for quite some time. Born Pretty has sent me their new Magnetic Gel polish to review. Working with Magnetic polish takes a bit... Continue Reading →

Shimmer Thermal Gel

PRESS SAMPLE Born Pretty sent me their new Thermal Shimmer Gel polish to test out, the color I received is BP-5746 on their stock. This is a gel polish that needs to be cured under a UV/LED light. UV Gel... Continue Reading →

Unicorn iPhone Case

PRESS SAMPLE Today I have something a bit different, Born Pretty Store asked me to review one of their new Lemooc Star Unicorn Phone Cases. These phone cases are pretty well constructed and for the price they are great! Each case... Continue Reading →

Hashimoto’s (Hypothyroid) and Your Nails

Today, I would like to take a second and do a PSA for all you ladies who suffer from Hypothyroid issues. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and there are many women who are not diagnosed wondering why can't they keep long... Continue Reading →

1850 Artisan Polish – Part II

PRESS SAMPLE On today's post I am sharing the final 5 polishes from this amazing Debut Collection for 1850 Artisan Polish.  For Part I of this collection click here. New Brand: 1850 Artisan Polish Part I This collection has a variety... Continue Reading →

New Brand: 1850 Artisan Polish Part I

PRESS SAMPLE I have the honor of introducing a new Indie Brand of polish, 1850 Artisan Polish. 1850 is 5-Free, Vegan, and Made with Love in California by its maker Nikki Shifter. Shifter has been a member of The Julep... Continue Reading →

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