Not A Mother Day

This month from the Polish Pickup the theme was Holidays celebrated around the world.  The Polish Pickup is a Facebook group where makers create a polish/product based on a certain theme and all of the polishes are sold in the Polish Pickup Store at the beginning of each month.

Today, I have a polish that struck a chord with me. Cynthia at Alter Ego Cosmetics took on a non holiday, but a day that should be recognized non the less. Not a mother day, recognizes women who through various reasons are not mothers.

Below is Cynthia describing this polishes back story:

“The holiday Alter Ego chose really is not a holiday but I am making it one! A member mentioned in the holiday inspo thread that those who cannot be mothers should have a day and another agreed, as I do too. Such a shame that women who truly want children but by whatever life hands them cannot have any children and as much as some would say, “why not adopt”, that is a costly and years long effort most cannot afford. So I went searching for some kind of recognition. After any pages later, all I found was a support group for those are childless-by-circumstance, whatever those circumstances are. Although I never had children, I am old now & thought it may be deemed inappropriate for me to join so all I have is this link. The home page says it is US wide and offers support groups in several cities. “Not A Mother Day” will be the colors of this group’s logo. “



I have a personal connection to this subject, at the age of 21 after an attack I lost my fallopian tubes and told I would never be able to have children.

After finally coming to grips with my new reality. I went on with my life and being a recent newlywed, the holidays and family functions to follow were not pleasant. The questions and interrogations as to the next step of family came pouring in. Even those who I painstakingly explained my situation to looked at me with pity, often forgetting and asking again at another function. I came to despise gatherings.

At a follow-up appointment I was recruited for a study using IVF and was blessed to have my now 16yr old son. Time went on and I remarried, which brought 2 awesome step children along with it, but still found myself in the same situation with my new family. I became very depressed and closed myself off. We tried IVF with no success and then we kept trying and finally after the 3rd round became pregnant.

My story had a happy ending, but for many not even scientific intervention helped. I didn’t have support and suffered though many sleepless nights. Feeling worthless and not deserving of happiness.

When trying for my second son I found and with the support system they help create for me I had enough strength to continue trying.

So on to the swatches of this powerful polish. Not a mother day is a White shimmer base with Red and Black flakes throughout, the red flakes visually change the base to a pink shimmer. Over all a great formula, I used 2 coats and a shiny top coat.


Thanks for reading and happy holidays!




4 replies to “Not A Mother Day

    1. Thank you 😊
      I knew when I saw the inspiration picture that I would be sharing this story. It’s one I am finally comfortable talking about, where for many years it hurt to think about.


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