CBL: That’s what friends are for

Hella Holo Customs has an annual tradition of making the month of October it’s Kokua month a Hawaiian word that means “to help”. This is a closed facebook group where custom polishes are created monthly by inspirations the group votes on. To join head on on over to HHC they are a great group!

I chose to purchase this polish because I felt a strong connection to who was benefiting from this polish.

Leah Ann, the maker for CBL,  has been bothered by the devastating effects of hurricane Maria which recently hit the island of Puerto Rico. Wishing to help a friend’s family in need, Sacha Junique maker of indie brand Jior Couture, who’s family has been personally devastated on the island. Leah Ann ended up donating 100% of the sales proceeds to help this family.

Leah Ann is a total class act and that is what birthed the name for this polish, “That’s what friends are for”.
Now on to the swatches.

DSC04412This is a deep rich cranberry red jelly filled with holo sparkle, Unicorn pee and Unicorn pigment for extra shimmer and sparkle.


It is opaque enough in one coat to wear on its own but two coats makes this polish richer and deepens that cranberry color.

DSC04416I was truly amazed as this color, this is my very first bottle of CBL and now I see why it’s such a sought after brand.

Thanks to Leah Ann for such a generous act of Kokua (Charity) and a stunning polish!

Thanks for reading,



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