Polish Pick-Up Fandoms Haul

November over at Polish Pickup was Fandom month. Each maker took on a fandom and turned it into polish. This group always comes up with great inspiration for the makers and the makers always rise to the occasion. While we all wish we could buy all of them every month, Adulting sets in and we buy our favorites.

I picked up four from PPU and was lucky to get one in a destash, I blogged about it some time ago it is Lollipop Posse Lacquer’s Spirit of the Kohaku River , Inspired by the Spirited Away movie.

This ocean blue jelly is filled with multicolor flakies and micro holo flakes, is a stunner that needs only 2 coats, but creates such depth you would think you are staring at the Kohaku River.


The formula was easy to work with and even though it could look a little goopy, it self leavened beautifully.  DSC04244

The finish for this polish is a semi matte, a shiny top coat just adds to its depth.DSC04245DSC04239

Next I have Polished for days, Dance it out. This polish was inspired by a little show called Grey’s Anatomy.

This bottle has a whole lot going on in it, kinda like the show, it is a blue/grey holo duo-chrome with pink/blue and green iridescent flakes and red/gold  micro flakes. Like I said A LOT!


It only took 2 coats to reach full opacity and dried to a slightly textured semi matte.DSC04357

A top coat leavened the texture and magnified the scattered micro holo flakes.


Up next, I have Fair Maiden’s So Lazy Can’t Move, inspired by Pusheen the cat.

This polish like the cat is a light grey linear holo with a magenta shimmer that shifts copper to a golden green, as well as silver holographic microflakes. I applied 2 medium coats to reach full opacity and added a top coat. DSC04345


I was digging all the blues this month because as you see the pattern forming, I will add two more shades of blue.

Pretty Jelly Breath of the wild was inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. This polish is a teal blue cream base with a gold orange shimmer and pink/aqua and green flakies through out.

I applied 2 coats which dried semi matte and added a top coat. This polish looks just like the bottle when applied to your nails.


Finally, I have Stella Chroma’s Breaker of Chains, inspired by my favorite fandom, Game of Thrones and more specifically Khaleesi. The color inspiration came from a blue smock worn by Dany when she liberated the unsullied.

This polish is a dark blue/teal jelly base that dries completely matte with scattered silver holographic flakes. The flakes are a nod to Dany’s silver hair and there is a slight purple shimmer which in the books all Targaryen’s have purple eyes.


I applied 3 coats to reach this opacity and still had some visible nail line. This polish is a buildable jelly that will make an awesome pond mani and jelly sandwich. I think that one coat of a navy polish will work well as a undie to this polish.


A glossy top coat also gave this color added depth, which again feels like you are looking at an ocean.


Polish Pick-up window runs from the first Friday of each month at 11 AM EST.  It stays open for four days, until the following Monday at Midnight EST.  Visit their site to join and participate in the theme submissions and vote for the following month’s theme.

Polish pickup also has a facebook fan page where you can keep up to date with the selections, themes and see swatches before the window opens.


Thanks for reading!




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