Tonic Secrets & Soulmates

The new Tonic Nail Polish Secrets & Soulmates Collection is in collaboration with Elena from Ecklipsed.  This collection is a long time labor of love between two friends with mutual loves of nail polish! Each polish has a story and inspiration board behind it. I picked three of the colors that spoke to me and I will review them for you today.

First I have, Novitiate – An Icy mint cream with turquoise shimmer that shifts to a soft pale purple. Opaque in two coats.



DSC04334“Novitiate represents the preparation for a new journey. It is a color of promises yet to be fulfilled and chances to be taken.”

I love this color because it is sweet yet can shock you.



Next I have, Lemons & Cream – A lemon yellow with strong red/pink shimmer and large particle shimmers. This is three coats of Lemons & Cream, Lindsey recommends a base coat for this one due to possible staining.


“Sometimes you have to lose it all to find a better way. Lemons & Cream is the personification of that feeling. It has a hidden glow that shows the power of persistence in the face of adversity.”





Finally I have, Spectre – A aqua blue to purple shifting lumichrome!!


Reminiscent of peacock parade, but leans much more aqua! Great coverage in two coats.


Spectre is inspired by the latin name for Night Shade, Solanaceae. The name originated from the Latin verb solari, meaning “to soothe”, presumably referring to the soothing pharmacological properties of some of the psychoactive species of the family.



Elena also mentions that this color if a nod to her favorite fictional spy, Mr. Bond. She also has gone through some personal tribulations and a foe who in the end didn’t win.



I like that each piece tells a small story, and I like the story I created for myself here with these three pieces.

I have had my share of innocence which has led to some adversity and every girl thanks Beyonce for reminding them to make lemonade out of those lemons handed to you in your life. Finally all villains do not win and we all have our lady bond moments.

I really enjoyed this collection and Lindsey has announced that this collection will be a common staple in her store which is great because everyone should be able to piece together their story with these beautiful colors!

Thanks for Reading!



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