Ok, so it’s not a real holiday, but this week I needed a transition from fall to winter and Mermaids are about transformation, so just go with it!

The minute I saw House on Haunted Chill sponged on I thought multi shift chrome mermaid.

Here is what I used:


I started by applying a coat of HOHC then applied latex around my nails and allowed everything to dry. Using a makeup sponge I applied 4-5 layers of HOHC then applied a quick dry top coat.

Once is dry I stamped on the mermaid scales on to every nail.


Then with a fine stripping brush I applied Jamaica and Moody Judy on a couple of scales and covered that with a coat of Non-UV Gel top coat.


It’s amazing the different colors that come out to play, Green, Blue, Purple and even some  Silver.


Thanks for Reading!