House on haunted CHILL

House on haunted chill became an instant cult classic among the nail community and what I think catapulted Bee’s Knees Lacquer to their current popularity.

New as a maker Sarah had a few polishes released before HOHC came out, but this Blurple base with opalescent shifting shimmer has captured the hearts of many through out the nail community. That even at the point where the maker was getting ready to retire it, the high demand caused the maker to bring it back and then quickly had to set a pre order on it when her shelves were cleaned out!


HOHC is extremely versatile and can be worn on it’s own or as a topper over a variety of colors. The opalescent shimmer lends itself to complement many colors and we haven’t even seen all the colors it pairs with.


HOHC is a sheer jelly and can be layered as a jelly sandwich, but if you are wearing it alone it is recommended you use 3 coats for full opacity.



Even with a Matte top coat, the shimmer from HOHC will not dull out!


I decided to play around with a few colors to top off with HOHC and the results were amazing!

One coat of each base color
2 coats of HOHC over each base


Shot in dark room and the result is Haunting.

I can easily see that this polish will have to be a staple for Bee’s Knees as this little polish launched a brand!

House on Haunted Chill is currently on Pre-Order only and will ship in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for reading!



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