Bees Knees Salty Anon

Bee’s Knees lacquer is a new kid on the block of polish, I first started seeing her polish on IG summer of 2017, Sarah Green has quickly become the wizard of Holo. Her holo polishes are for the most part one coaters and only deepen and get richer with any additional coat. She and her husband Tim are very responsive and involved on their Facebook Fan Page Bee’s Knees Buzz and are known for their great customer service.

I received Salty Anon as part of a prototype promotion, I purchased two other polishes and received Salty Anon as my gift with purchase. I am not a big green polish lover, but this one is stunning and will definitely be used often by me. The rich emerald green with hints of teal and holo micro flakes through out feel somewhat regal.

2 Coats with QD Top Coat


Macro with QD Top Coat

The richness of these polishes are due to their formula which is hand mixed and chock full of pigment. Sadly, the noticeable square bottle will be retiring and replaced with a more rounded square bottle, this new bottle will have less content per bottle than it’s predecessor, the formula will still be the same in order to continue the quality we are used to.


With Matte Top Coat

Salty Anon is not yet available for purchase in the store, but will become available along with another prototype Na Ci on the stores next restock, Nov 17th 2017. Stop by the Bee’s Knees Store and stock up on your favorites.

Bee’s Knees is quickly becoming a fan favorite and most of her polishes are now in Pre Order due to demand.

Get your’s quickly.

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2 replies to “Bees Knees Salty Anon

    1. It is absolutely great quality. I was really impressed when I tried “I’m So Bored” and in one coat there was no streaking.


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