Unicorn 🦄 Nails

Press Sample

This week I went and got all whimsical, so I pulled out my Unicorn Sequins from the Born Pretty Store, I got these as a sample from them and I love them! I knew that I had to do some unicorn related nail art to show case these.

So here is everything I used to create this look:


I prepped my nails with Zoya’s Naked manicure base coat with the exception of my ring finger where I used the peel off base coat.

I applied one coat of # Goal digger then 2 coats of Let your twilight sparkle over all my nails except my accent nail. I added a dot of Building my empire to 3 of my nails leaving one open for my unicorn, then topped it off with Seche Vive.

So for my sequin nails, I used two different application methods to compare Gel vs. Regular polish. The site recommends you use Gel polish and cure it under a UV/LED lamp.

Method #1 UV Gel:

I applied one coat of the UV Gel topcoat over the peel off base coat and began to apply the sequins in a manner that would cover the entire nail with minimal gaps, then I cured it under the lamp for 1 min, then applied another coat of the Gel top coat and cured it for 1 min. This method worked well the sequins lay flat and sit nicely against the nail bed.


Method #2 Regular Polish:

In the 2nd method, I prepped the nail the same as all the others minus the topcoat, I added a coat of clear polish to keep the polish wet and placed the sequins, sometimes having to apply dots of clear polish to still the sequins over areas that had dried this required some time and patience, working with one sequins at a time is a daunting task.

The final look was worth it though!

Once I covered the nail I covered the nail with Seche Vive as a topcoat.

Both methods work well and allow the sequins to stick to the nail in a flush manner, you do have to be careful to make sure you pick up on sequin at a time, sometimes they stack and can create a bump once placed and secured. This product can be used even if you don’t have a Gel curing lamp with a good top coat.

For placement I suggest you start from your nail tip down I found that if you start from the base on up you will end up with some jagged edges that will need to be cut down or filed down, I used both methods.


For my Unicorn, I started by applying #goaldigger to the tip of my nail in a semi circle it doesn’t need to be perfect since you will be covering the edges. Using a dotting tool I created the mane of rainbow color hair and with a striping brush I outlined the ears, drew the eyes and lashes. I then used a gold polish to fill in the ears and for the horn I used a sequin piece, then applied a coat of Seche Vive.

I really did enjoy creating this mani!


Thanks for reading!



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