Metallic Mirror Effect

Press Sample

Today I tested the Born Pretty Metallic Mirror Effect Polish in two colors. Metallic Iron and Royal Wine.

While looking at the photos from the Born Pretty site, this polish is meant to look like brushed metal, not a real mirror effect. I decided to follow the instructions on the site to get the best result, with one exception, I used a peel off base coat under the gel base coat.

With both polishes I followed the same steps, peel of base coat, cured gel base coat, 2 coats of the Metal Polish and cured gel top coat.

As for the application, these polishes have a nice wide brush that nearly cover the nail in one stroke, the polish is opaque in one coat and even though it looks like there are streaks while the polish is wet, it dries to a uniform finish.

2 coats of Metallic Iron – No Top Coat

In all honesty the brushed metal look really comes through with out a top coat, I don’t know about the wear without a top coat, but I recommend a matte gel top coat. The shiny top takes away from the desired effect, but still a lovely finish.

Royal Wine with Shiny Gel Top Coat
Metallic Iron with Shiny Gel Top Coat

These polishes seem to settle during shipping so they must be shaken properly, though I suspect my bottles didn’t have the iron balls, cause when I shake them I don’t hear them. I had to leave them upside down for a day to get the polish to move from one side to the other.

For these polishes I do have a finish preference depending on the color, for the Metallic Iron, I love how it looks Matted.

The Royal wine for me looks best with the shiny top coat

Here only my pinkie & ring finger have the shiny top coat and my middle & pointer do not have a top coat.

Note of warning: if you use a latex peel off base coat and then apply the metal polish over it, the latex will start to dissolve. I tried it on the off-chance I could use this polish without the UV/LED lamp and once the polish started drying it bubbled up and peeled off. So it is best to use this with a gel base coat.

I’m not a big supporter of buffing my nails, but if you buff your nails to a smooth finish and apply a regular base coat then use this I believe you will get good results. (This is just an assumption on my part, I have not actually tried this.)

All and all, I do like the finish and the application, I suggest you use with gel base and top coat.


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