Fright Night Mani

For my second Halloween mani, I was inspired by Tam from @ohmygoshpolish circa 2015.

Here is everything I used:

  • Tonic Polish – Event Horizon
  • UNT Peel of base coat
  • Azure UV/LED Gel Base and Top Coat
  • Born Pretty Luminous Candy Gel in BP-01
  • Zoya naked manicure base coat
  • PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Plate – Halloween Party 01
  • Serendipity Polish
    • Building my empire
    • Orange county girl
  • Seche Vive non uv gel top coat

On to the Nail Art:


  • I began with a coat of Peel off base coat to my middle and ring fingers and let them dry for about 3 minutes.
  • Then applied Zoya naked manicure base coat, 2 coats of Event Horizon, and Seche Vive gel top coat to the rest of the nails.

Once the peel of base coat was dry, I applied a coat of the Gel base coat and baked it.

  • I then applied 2 coats of the Luminous Candy gel curing them after every coat for 1 minute. Then I applied some Vapid Latex barrier to control the mess I was about to create.
  • Using a latex free sponge I did a small gradient of Orange county girl (orange) and building my empire (black) mid way on the nail, I want to keep the glow in the dark effect to the top of the nail, so I only covered half the nail with my gradient.
  • Once that was dry I stamped on half of the creepy tree from the Pureen Halloween plate and applied them mirroring each other on the opposite nail.
  • Using a stripping brush I created some grass shadows on the base of the nail over the gradient.
Macro of nail art 


Then I turned off the lights!


Glow in the dark effect with nail art

I really love how this turned out, and I really love how the nail art looks like a creepy night at dusk.




Thanks for Reading



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