Luminous Candy Nails

*Press Sample

The Born Pretty Store sent me two of their Luminous Candy Luminous UV/LED Gel polishes, these polishes are sheer to build up the color. The finish is a hard candy coating look in the light with the added bonus of being glow in the dark.

Note: This is my first time working with UV/LED Gel Polishes, I prefer not so soak off the polish therefore I used UNT Peel Off Base Coat in order to remove them with the least amount of damage to my nail bed. I also used a Azure Beauty UV/LED Base and Top Coat

Now it’s off to the swatches!

First up, BP-01 is a juicy tangerine color that looks like orange juice on your nails.




This is 3 coats of color and a top coat, I want to try this with a halloween themed nail art and use the glow in the dark effect as part of the art. More on that another day.

Next we have BP-02 which is a lovely candy lavender color.


I had a bit more fun with this color and added some of the Born Pretty Holographic Galaxy nail sequins which was also sent to me by Born Pretty.

These flakes come in various sizes I believe I received the 0.5g size which is mid size, I fond that the grounded dust at the bottom of the container can be burnished in to the nail to make a glorious holo effect.


I have never worked with UV/LED Gel polishes, so this is really first experience with this method. I still need more practice using these polishes, you must take care of not leaving any residue on your skin and cuticles, once cured the polish hardens and will need to be tugged off which could pull your skin off.

I was able to peel off the manicure with little incident and now have these great peelies to keep for ever. They actually look like falsies!



Thank you Born Pretty for sending these out, I would have never tried them on my own.

Born Pretty is celebrating their 7th Anniversary and will have many discounts from October 10th – 20th. To purchase the colors I used and for much more visit




Thanks for reading!




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