My First Native War Paints

I recently purchased my very first Native War Paints Polish, I wanted to try their polish for a long time now and decided to take the plunge after Polish Con Chicago since I couldn’t make it out there and NWP made their Polish Con exclusives available on their site.

Native War Paints is owned and operated by Amanda and Brian Scribner, who just last week welcomed a baby boy. Amanda belongs to the Pottawatomie tribe and loves flashy colors. Reading her back story I had to try this brand.

Off to the polishes…

First I swatched Nudist from the Nude Attitude collection. DSC03841

Nudist is a perfect shade for me, it’s a nude with golden flakes through out. It’s great palette cleanser and has just enough flash to keep you looking at your nails for quite some time!




Next we have Museum Hopping. This is a polish con exclusive that was left over and was offered online from NWP.


This beautiful Plum Holo is stunning, it easily can be a one coater and only becomes richer with the application of a second coat.


You can also find some Unicorn Pee pigment disbursed within.

While I was swatching this polish I thought I may have something very similar to this color a Julep called Kristjana. I decided to try it on one nail in order to compare them.

Julep Kristjana (Left)  NWP Museum Hopping (Right)

After closer inspection, Kristjana is a deeper almost grape purple with bigger glitters dispersed through out and no unicorn pee pigment.

As for the NWP Application, I used 3 coats of Nudist in order to build opacity and only 2 coats of Museum Hopping to. They applied easily and evenly, I will definitely try more of this brand.

Thanks for reading,



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