Abalone Nails


I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and found this image for Abalone (Mother of Pearl) nails on Dev the Nail Junkie’s IG. Her picture inspired me to create this mani, the technique she uses includes using gel polish, I do not use gel on my nails, so I had to think of a way to do this with regular polish.

If you are interested in attending the seminar follow this link.

I did a few google searches for Abalone nails and found many types of techniques used, from sponging and stamping to dry brushing and freehand. I opted for the Drip Marbling method introduced to me by Collette at My Simple Pleasures 

Here are the colors I used to create my decals:

  • Julep
    • Francine
    • Cancer (2016)
  • Enchanted Polish
    • Congratulations
    • Electric Feel
    • Alicorn
  • Serendipity – Building my empire
  • INLP – Cygnus Loop

If you notice these are all duo to multi chrome colors which is needed to replicate the multi faceted look of Abalone.


To make this look unique find your color configuration and drip marble on a silicone mat, let your “spills” dry for at least 2 hours then pick up with tweezers and fit to your nails.


What I love about this technique is you have two sides to pick from and the top is going to be very different from the bottom, also if you find a pattern that doesn’t fit your nail entirely, you can use a piece from another area and layer it over the gap.


To secure the decals on your nails make sure you have a dry coat of base coat, I generally rub my decals on to place, but if they are too dry and will not stick lightly brush on some acetone or another coat of base coat to give it something to stick to. I used acetone.

DSC03752With a clean up brush, make sure to clean/melt your sides and edges, then apply a quick dry top coat, I use one coat seche vite and on coat seche vive.


If you don’t get enough veins, use a striping brush to paint on the veins and then use acetone to blur the lines. Like I used above.


These nails can be a lot of fun and every nail is totally unique to the other. I love this method because no two manis will ever be the same.

Thanks for reading,



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