Review – Julep: Cushion Complexion & Insta-Filter Powder

Julep for about 3 years has collected information from it’s mavens (subscription group) regarding foundation, concealers and highlighters. I participated in several surveys and this year, Julep finally unveiled their 5 in1 Cushion Complexion Perfector.

This isn’t a regular foundation, it’s infused with Turmeric and Camellia (Tea Seed) oil, to brighten skin, reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin. This formula dries to a matte finish and doesn’t appear chalky once dried.

The five benefits of this product are:

  • Conceal – Dark Circles, Acne Marks and Hyper pigmentation
  • Correct  – Redness  & Inflammation
  • Illuminate – High points in the face
  • Blur – Soft focus powders to difuse imperfections
  • Brighten – Using long term with Turmeric

To test this perfector I washed my face and then applied a Vitamin C Booster from the Body Shop, this gave me a smooth surface to apply make up onto. I use this daily as part of my normal routine.

I then applied my eye make up as I normally do, I use Julep products for my daily routine as well with one exception. For my eye make up I used the following products:

I then applied the Cushion Complexion in Honey-300 to my entire face, I didn’t need much product I used the tip of the applicator to apply the product to my face and blended it with my finger tips. The formula applied smoothly and evenly without making my fingers sticky. I must say I am impressed at how close to my natural skin tone this product is. I’ve purchased others in the past and swore off foundation because I never found that color that blended with my skin tone and didn’t have me looking like I had clown makeup or sponged on flour.

The Insta-Filter Finishing Powder, is described as able to melt into your face. I used a fan brush to apply this to my face and it glided across my face with ease, it didn’t leave any clumps or white spots. It feels silky to the touch and very light on my face.

When looking at my face I didn’t look like I had foundation caked on and I had no shiny bits. My nose usually shines like a radar blip. I’ve had a full face of make up on for over an hour and I feel like I have nothing on my skin, the formula is very light which I like. I don’t like anything that feels like a mask on my face. This feels smooth to the touch and has minimal transfer.

After finishing my face I added It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse – Bisou.

Final thoughts, I waited a while to try these products out, because I was afraid I wouldn’t use them. I rarely ever wear foundation and so I wasn’t pressed to buy them as soon as they were launched. I found that the application is very easy and can quickly be added to my daily routine.

I would like to see how this behaves on a full day, my days usually are 12 hrs long. I am very impressed with the packaging of the product, Julep’s gunmetal packaging is one that I love. The Cushion Complexion comes in a tube that has a sponge applicator at the tip, this is great to dab on the product and to conceal hyperpigmentation spots.

The amount of product has been an issue, since it is pretty expensive per ounce ($30 retail, $24 maven price for 0.16oz). The Insta-Filter powder is a nice finishing powder and I personally love the mattefing effect it gives your skin. It looks like you have a soft focus blur over your face which is nice.

*About the pictures, I used my iPhone camera and I used my led lamp to light the background, I wanted to show the texture of my skin with and without the product.

Thanks for reading!



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