GOT Dragon Scales 

With the 7th Season of Game of Thrones coming up tomorrow, I HAD to create a GOT themed manicure. I recently ordered the BORN PRETTY Chameleon Cloud Paillette Nail Flakies Powder Irregular Nail Sequins Flakes and thought this was an excellent mani to try them out on, the site recommends you use Gel polish, but since I don’t do gels, here is the alternative way to work with these flakes.

Here is everything I used:

  • Julep Daria and Missy
  • Chameleon Flakes #5
  • ILNP The Magician
  • SuperChic Marvel QDTC
  • Born Pretty Black Stamping Polish
  • Seche Vive Non-UV Gel Top Coat
  • Fan Brush
  • Zoya Base
  • Marshmallow Stamper
  • Born Pretty Wave Line Net Design Image Plate BP-109

I started out with my Zoya Naked Base then applied 1 coat of Daria, I then prepared my station with the flakes a fan brush.

I repeated the following process for each nail in order to work quickly.

First I applied a 2nd coat of Daria and while it was still wet I used the fan brush to dust on the flakes, then I lightly swiped the excess and made sure to have a nice even layer of the flakes throughout. Once I was done with all 10 digits I applied a coat of the Magician and followed it up with a coat of QDTC.

I let my nails dry for about 10 mins, the flakes do not allow the polish to dry as fast so it took a bit longer, plus I was going to stamp next and needed them to be completely dry.



These flakes have an awesome shift it fires from red to green and gold. Now word to the wise these flake will make a mess, I unfortunately had my 4yr old around and I think I got flakes in my eyes! Use a napkin under you hand in order to catch the fly aways.

I then using my wave plate, I stamped on the black layer of the scales and then over it a the  silver scales using Missy. I then covered everything with a thick layer of Seche Vive Gel TC.

The results…Dragon Scales!!!!



I’m now ready to shut everyone out of my house tomorrow night and enjoy GOT! I may keep this little guy around with me as my mascot.


Get a discount when you shop Born Pretty by using my code YVEX31

Thanks for Reading and Enjoy the new Season of GOT.





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