GFT is a Yellow Jelly to colorless thermal with flakies from Don Deeva. This maker is my favorite provider of thermals for my collection. I know I will find something different in her store that I don’t have a dupe for in my modest 300 polish collection.


GFT as I mentioned above is a jelly thermal (to me), this was 4 coats of the polish in order to buildup opacity, I actually may try it again with a yellow creme undie to see if there is a difference.

The transition with this polish is subtle unless you are looking for it, it can be hard to spot.
Don Deeva Swatches.jpg

I have a love for Yellow polishes and this one is a special one for me. Even my husband loved it!

Macro of Cold and Warm State

Warm/Hot State

Go on over to Danette’s shop and pick this baby up!


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