Pretty Serious Haul

I have been waiting to try out the Aussie company’s polishes after seeing Tam from @ohmygoshpolish using the pastel collection. Pretty Serious is going to Relaunch their site with a new line of polish and has recently having a blow out sale to clean out their stock. I got these before they were gone, cause they currently are GONE!

Let’s get into the swatches:

Uzi from Daddy Col

This polish came from their Post Apocalyptic Princess part II collection and it’s a Lilac shimmer packed with Blue flecks and flakies that make the color deeper.


This is 2 coats for full opacity and a QDTC.


Here in the Macro you can see every fleck and flakie on the nail.

Toxic Tiara Col

Toxic Tiara came from the original Post Apocalyptic Princess collection a shifty Dusty Pink with gold micro glitter that shifts pink, rose gold and purple!


This polish has some serious glow! Here I used 2 coats and a QDTC.


Look at the shine from this beauty!

Finally, I have:

Claris Col

The bottle i received is pretty different than the swatches I’ve seen, this color has been discontinued and I’m not sure if this is a new or old batch, the product is describes as a milky pink and looks much more pink when I google it. My bottle looks much more like a Gold Shimmery Coral.


DSC03045Still, its  a stunning polish and the light catches all the gold micro glitter in the polish.


I really like it and it’s great summer color!

Pretty Serious is still having their clearance sale and will be relaunching their site soon. Go visit them to get your collection started!


Thanks for Reading!




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