Wonder Woman Mani

My week started with so much promise my nails looked fly and I was happy I had completed the Iceberg Challenge!

Then Tuesday rolled around and while trying to save my son from a  swinging door…BAM!

FullSizeRender 3

I wanted to cry so bad, but I would sacrifice all my nails for my little man! After getting to work I knew I was working with borrowed time so I ran to Sally’s for a Orly nail rescue kit to salvage my nail, the tear was too far down my nail bed to cut my nail off.

After I patched it up I had to file them down in order to avoid a secondary break. So I filed them down to a length I could work with and not bang it up again.


So, now to get to today’s mani! I needed some super powers for my nails (at least in my head) to get through the mourning process, my nail bravely took the hit (literally) for my son.

Here is everything I used:

After trimming and buffing my sick nail, I applied 2 coats of base coat. I started by applying 2 coats of Aggie to my accent fingers, then applied 1 coat of Firestarter to the top half of my remaining nails.


Then I applied We Run This Beach to the lower half of my nails. It get’s better!


I then stamped stars on my accent nail with Firestarter and white stars over We Run This Beach.

I then used a French tip stamping plate and stamped the bands between the red and blue, using Bottomless Mimosas as a base to then apply the same stamp using Rashida.

I covered everything with a thick coat of Superchic Quick Dry Top Coat to seal everything in.


Now I can face anything!

Thanks for reading!





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