Inverted Iceberg Challenge


From this photo a challenge was born! The return to polish mountain was mentioned, I was volunteered. I wasn’t sure how to pull this one off, of course I googled the hell out of Ice blue nails! Then, I thought pond, sponge, could I really do 100 coats of polish?!? My husband would kill me if I spent 11 hours putting polish on.

So, I had a good night’s rest and started early, Here is everything I used:

I started with the Peel off base coat, cause I will want to save these. Let them dry for about 4 minutes, while I prepared all the colors I was going to use and open bottles I will have to reach out for.

I sponged on 1 layer of each of Monkey, Valentina, EOG & Delaney. I did this to random spot on my nails. I then applied a coat of Brenna to all my nails and QDTC.

Using a thin nail art brush dipped in acetone I mixed in fleur and made some squiggly lines around the nail. I wanted to make them very faint since I would be adding a couple of more layers. I then repeated the above process 2 more times, on the final layer I applied a coat of the Clear polish before topping it with the QDTC. And just cause I wanted to make this all more squishy, I applied a coat of Gel top coat.


The result was a aged ice formation! Even my kids were impressed! What?!?


The Macro shows all the shimmery layers of years accumulating under the sea.

Would you like to see a tutorial? Watch it here

Disclaimer(s): I recorded me doing my right hand using my non dominant left hand, also my 3 three yr old came to jump on my back during the recording! This was definitely a challenge!

Thanks for reading!



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