Liquid Swords

I recently received a sample from Born Pretty of their new Metallic Nail Mirror Effect Lacquer in Silver Sword.


Upon first inspection, I notice the formula is very much like liquid metal and it comes in with a nice sized brush that can cover the nail in one swipe. The brush is big and the reason why will soon come to light, you definitely need it.

I reviewed the instructions for this polish to understand how to best get the mirror effect. They have an instructional video that was pretty helpful. This is a pretty temperamental formula, so understanding a few things before hand will avoid some headaches later.

The site strongly suggests that you file and buff your nails to create a smooth surface for the polish to apply over, the concept is the smoother the surface the smoother mirror like the result. They also suggest using a cured gel top coat as your base to create that smooth nail base for the Metal Lacquer to apply over.

I will admit, I went in like gang busters thinking if I applied a top coat like seche vite that  it would smooth things out even if I didn’t buff my nails…WRONG!


FullSizeRender 4

So, here’s the thing. My nails have deep ridges, but I am not going to buff my nails to smooth over because I just finished growing out some nails that were buffed due to a nail wraps and it left my nails very weak in some spots, I also do not use cured gel polish on my natural nails. So how did I make it work? Patience and ingenuity!

I applied 1 coat each of Zoya Naked Base and Naked Perfector (any color will do), to which I applied a coat of Seche Vive Gel Top Coat (Non UV) and let that dry completely like 20 mins.

Now the next thing about this formula that requires some understanding and it’s very important. Let each coat dry before applying another. I mentioned above that the polish comes with a nice sized brush and that it can pretty much cover your whole nail in one stroke.


Well here is why, this formula doesn’t lend itself to multiple coats or strokes while it’s wet. The formula tends to dry pretty fast and needs to be completely dry before adding another coat, if not the whole thing lifts and there goes your smooth surface!


A note about drying, this polish will dry quickly on its own, do not use a fan to help it along, I tried that and the polish started to separate and made tears through to the nail bed. This formula requires you to air dry between coats.

I found that this formula goes opaque in 2 coats and the result if you follow the instructions is a smooth mirror like finish. This color is highly pigmented and will look like you have actual metal for nails.  Once your second coat is dry apply a thick coat of Seche Vive to seal.

The result super shiny mirror nails!


Links to everything I used are above.

Shop Born Pretty Store and get 10% off your purchase by using the code YVEX31

Thanks for reading!





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