I have recently discovered Don Deeva and have fallen for the raunchy names of her colors, but more so at the versatile line she has put together. There are Thermals, Solars, Glitters, Holo’s and Duo Chromes, Holo Duo Chromes and there are even some neon flakie polishes that will soon be released that can possibly water marble…drool!

Being my first purchase I ordered Acid Crush a lovely red to blush thermal that captured my heart, you have to see my Acid Cherry Blossoms blog to see it in action and then I purchased a mystery color that is picked by Danette and her team. With that I am the proud owner of Pink Sugar.


Though it’s called pink, the coloring is more of a purplish magenta with some crazy amounts of holo glitter that drives camera’s crazy. I had to take about 50 pictures just to get about 4 good ones, the focus kept skipping, because even the camera couldn’t deal with amount of sparkle from this polish.

My application was as follows: 1 coat over a peel off base coat, 1 coat of PS dabbed on with a makeup sponge and then 1 more coat of PS. I ended up having to use 3 coats of quick dry top coat(1 Seche Vite & 2 Seche Vive Gel TC) to smooth the surface, this also helped capture the sparkle of the polish on camera.

Sponge application does dry the polish so you have to rehydrate the polish with multiple coats of top coat afterward. 


As you can see in this macro, the glitters are tightly packed and the dimension of colors that make up this beauty.

I usually hate surprises, I was glad I took a chance and selected the mystery polish to receive such a stunning polish!

Get your Don Neeva fix here http://www.thedondeeva.com

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