Holo Rainbow Swirl

When I thought about this mani I couldn’t help but smile, I really envisioned what you see today. This one is a fun one and you know what I held back cause I thought about putting a silver holo stamp over the black.

Here is everything I used:

  • Enchanted Polish
    • Dope Jam
    • Reign Beau
  • ILNP Funshine Smoothie
  • Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots
  • Zoya Aspen
  • Moyou London Black Knight
  • Superchic Marvel Quick Dry top coat
  • Make up Sponge
  • Shanny Stamping plate #224

I started with a coat of Zoya Aspen as my gradient base. Then on a make up sponge I applied the colors in quads instead of vertically or horizontally.

2 Gradient Coats and a Coat of Superchic Quick dry top coat

So here I go into a slight rant: In the picture above I have 2 coats of the gradient applied to my nails and a coat of Julep Desiree. Now if the colors I used weren’t holo themselves you would never see any holo, Desiree is supposed to be a holographic top coat, all it ever does is just make things shiny, you know like a regular top coat. I am so happy I didn’t pay or choose this polish for my maven box and that I got it as a gift, because I would really be upset. I had such high hopes for this topper and it just fell flat, even in the macro shot you could never know I used Desiree unless I told you.

I then used Black Knight to stamp on the swirls to the nails.



This mani is stunning in the sun as all the holo comes out to play!

Thanks for reading!





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