Acid Cherry Blossoms

I happened on Don Deeva while scrolling through the Hella Holo Customs group on Facebook. I have been searching for a decent thermal, since I don’t really have many. I stalked the page for a while just looking at the different color combinations and then the pre-order hit!

I found Acid Crush to be a color that I normally wouldn’t go for and added it to my cart, I also added a Mystery polish since I understood from the admins that tracking out of Opa Lacka was notorious for not being on point and the whole delivery was like Christmas. I generally ruin surprises by opening my gifts at Christmas and re wrapping them. This will be a true Christmas!!!


This Deeva is very easy to work with I applied 2 coats and a quick dry top coat here. In its cold state Acid Crush looks like a juicy cherry color. So Cherry blossoms are in order for nail art.

 Cold State (Left) Hot to Warm State (Right)

Here is what I used for my nail art:

  • Moyou London Black Knight
  • Julep Cancer 2016
  • Zoya Aspen
  • Wistonia Floral Plate
  • SuperChic Quick Dry top coat

I used Black Knight to stamp on the branches, using a dotting tool I dotted the petals using Cancer and for the pistil I used Aspen. I covered the entire thing with a thick coat of SC top coat. By the way SuperChic’s Quick dry top coat is great for all nail art, I have absolutely no smudges! Yay!

The Result is this Stunner!



Thanks For Reading!



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